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What Is A Vinyl Mural?

Are you looking at your space and thinking it could benefit from an upgrade? Perhaps the walls are dull and uninspiring, or you are just in the mood for a change. If it's time to spruce things up, but you want to avoid the hassle of a large painting project, a vinyl mural could be the perfect solution. And at Wrap Garage, we're here to help.

What Is A Vinyl Mural?

A vinyl mural is similar to a massive sticker with a design or image you can apply to walls and other surfaces. However, there are factors to consider when deciding whether this product is the best solution for you. Among them:

Location And Surface - Vinyl murals work best on smooth, non-porous surfaces. Think interior drywall. But vinyl may struggle to stick if you're dealing with brick or ribbed metal.

Exposure To Elements - Are you dreaming of a mural on your windowfront? If so, remember that while durable, vinyl can be a weather diva. Sun, rain, and wind exposure can fade, peel, or even crack vinyl, even with the best care.

Indoor Lighting - When considering an indoor vinyl mural, it's crucial to note that indoor lighting will play a role in its appearance. Vinyl can be reflective, but the underlying paint can make a huge difference. For example, satin paint creates a more forgiving base - providing enough shine to make the mural "pop," but not so much that you get blinded.

What's The Message You Want The Vinyl Mural To Convey?

Whether it's a workspace aiming to inspire creativity, a classroom seeking to fuel young minds, or a storefront wanting to turn heads, your mural's message is crucial.

In a gym or arena, energetic, branded, or motivational designs can elevate the atmosphere, pushing everyone to give their best. Conversely, a serene mural in a spa can help clients relax and unwind. The key is to match the mural's vibe with its setting.

It's a straightforward way to keep everything on point if you want to add flair to your office space, break room, co-working area, break room, locker room, gymnasium, or elsewhere.

Sizes And Costs

When planning for a mural, your budget usually is a concern. Vinyl murals can be a very wallet-friendly option. Keep in mind that the size of the project directly correlates to cost. Still, the material needed is just one factor - other concerns, such as the machinery and human resources required for installation.

More oversized murals might need specialized equipment and more hands on deck, increasing the overall cost. The good news? Once the project is rolling, wall mural installation moves along quickly, and the finished product brings years of enjoyment and style to your spaces.


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