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A Little Culture Goes a Long Way -- Why You Should Add Art to the Office

The workplace atmosphere can play an important role in the productivity, satisfaction, and overall happiness of employees. If you work in a high stress industry, making the workplace as pleasant as possible can even help reduce employee turnover, and given that research shows that workplace stress can increase turnover by almost 50%, this might be a top priority for some companies. How you surround yourself at work can play a huge role in this -- if you have a cubicle, put up pictures or decorations that make you smile. Office wall art and plants can make a big difference. Employers can put up wall graphics that reiterate company values or that simply add a pop of color and cheer to the offi

3 Ways Office Art Can Improve Your Company

If you've ever worked in an office with nothing but white walls everywhere you look, you probably remember feeling the dread that went along with that job. If your workplace is boring and uninspired, that's the exact type of work that will be produced. If there is creative office wall branding around the building, however, employees will produce higher quality work. A survey done by the Business Committee for the Arts and the International Association for Professional Art Advisors found that office wall branding helps businesses address key challenges like reducing stress (78% agree), encouraging expression of opinions (77% agree), and increasing overall creativity (64% agree). Creative offi

Improve Company Morale With These 3 Fun Office Ideas

Running a business can be stressful for anyone, no matter how many great employees they might have working for them. One of the most important aspects of business to focus on is keeping your employees happy. Happy employees are the most productive employees, and productive employees are great for business. A great way to improve company morale and keep your employees happy is to improve the look, feel, and culture of your office. Here are a few tips to make your office the "cool" office. Turn a Boring Room Into a Fun Game Room Just because you're in a serious industry doesn't mean you have to run a 100% serious business. There is a time and place for buckling down and getting to work,

Offensive Advertising Isn't Doing You Any Good

If you want to improve your company's advertising, you have to step outside the box. Vehicle advertising, for example, is a great way to grow your company's brand and do so in a cost-effective way. Truck wrap kits and custom vehicle wraps are actually viewed on the same level as television ads, making them the two most memorable forms of media. It's important to realize, however, that these vinyl car graphics can ruin your company's image and brand if they happen to be offensive in any way. Although positive car and truck wrap kits can work wonders for your business and both grow your brand and increase company revenue, if you take the offensive route, you could face some serious backlash. A

Why Should You Update Your Vehicle Wrap Advertisement

Vehicle wraps can be great for marketing no matter what kind of industry you're in. A single vehicle wrap can actually generate between 30,000 and 70,000 daily impressions, which can translate to a significant amount of revenue. The return on investment for custom vehicle wrap advertising has consistently been exceptionally high, in comparison to other forms of marketing. Hopefully you've already been taking advantage of this form of mobile advertising (if not, it's certainly time to start), but you'll need to do more than just come up with the advertising strategy. If your car wrap design is need of a replacement, you act immediately so you can continue to market your business. Here are

Benefits of Vinyl Wrap Advertising: the 3 Cs

Successful advertising is extremely difficult to achieve nowadays. Although advertisements are virtually in every corner of the U.S., both online and in the physical world, many of these ads are just there to exist and aren't actually providing anything to businesses other than just being annoying. That's why when a company gets a hold of a brilliant marketing idea, or a quality ad campaign, they see a significant boost in revenue stream, online traffic, and overall brand awareness. Small and medium-sized businesses can't just throw millions of dollars into their marketing budgets, however, so it's often difficult for these organizations to effectively advertise without breaking the bank. Th

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