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Vehicle Wraps: Creating a Moving Business Billboard

Custom car graphics make vehicles stand out. Out of all the methods to apply these graphics, vehicle wraps — a marketing strategy that involves painting over a vehicle’s outer surface — is preferred as it turns plain cars into an eye-catching, mobile billboard. The process isn’t as simple as peeling off a sheet and sticking it onto your vehicle, though. Achieving a picture-perfect car wrap requires knowledge and experience in material selection, car wrap design and production, installation, and more. Rockwall Wraps has been providing businesses in Dallas with custom car wraps to expand their reach and uniquely appeal to customers. We know our process by heart and take pride in sharing the pr

Color Your Wrap, Color Your Consumers’ Decisions

A billboard on wheels — that is the top benefit businesses receive when they invest in vehicle wraps. Custom vinyl car wraps offer a different kind of marketing that reaches more audiences. While normal cars automatically blend into the background, wrapped vehicles stand out. These allow brands to directly advertise to their target marketing without waiting for the latter to see the ad. The more you drive the car, the more customers will become familiar with the brand. The abundance of marketing benefits that come with wraps is enough to convince today’s business owner (aka you) to invest in them as well. But where do you start? What are your considerations? We recommend starting with color.

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