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Outdoor Wall Mural Wraps

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Custom designed wall murals are a wonderful way to boost energy within your community. Wrap Garage has been pioneering the vinyl wrap industry for over 15 years in the Dallas Texas area. With our mobile unit we even travel across the US installing murals for all size buildings.


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If you're looking for a uniquely creative way to transform the walls on the outside of your building without the hassle of painting murals, consider the convenience of wall wraps.

Wrap Garage specializes in helping buildings of all sizes revamp with customized, durable, and functional vinyl clings.


Outdoor Murals Are Perfect For Your Viewers

Let's face it. Painting is never a fun or inexpensive project. Your building needs wall wraps instead. They save time, money, and the design capabilities are endless.  We don't print and stick it, until you approve it.

Here are a few of the many features and benefits:

Textures - Depending on the size of your building a textured wall mural can help create the illusion of natural stone, marble, cloth, bricks, and even wood planks. As you might imagine, this upgrade costs significantly less than tearing down walls and replacing them with all-natural materials.

Branding Elements - Buildings have their own needs for art which may include branding elements, such as logos or tag-lines, that need to be integrated into their mural design.

Images And Graphics - Depending on your outdoor building, you might choose to integrate pictures and graphics into your vinyl wrap. For instance, schools who have sports facilities may decide to use their team mascot within their murals design.

Vinyl murals help bring your branding and vision to life! Locations where the vinyl film is ideal for use include:


  • Outdoor Storefronts

  • Outdoor School Gyms

  • Corporate Buildings

  • Steel Buildings

  • City Buildings

  • Any Outdoor Wall

Our products and services help you to customize your space in a way you never dreamed possible.

Eye-Catching And Fun For Building

Your building is where your viewers see your vision. Nicely designed mural represents your brand.

Call Wrap Garage To Plan Your New Design

At Wrap Garage, we strive to provide our customers with beautiful, durable, and colorful vinyl wall wraps that add more value to your environment.

Let us help you with customized vinyl mural solutions for your outdoor building. Get in touch with us today to discuss your project.

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