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Is It Time To Replace Your Vehicle Wrap?

Using your vehicle as a mobile marketing tool for your business or just to customize your ride with your latest design ideas is an excellent way to express yourself and your business aims, but knowing when to replace it is essential. Having a vinyl wrap on your car, it is up to you to maintain the care needed to keep it pristine and to look for wear or tear to know when to replace it.

Making sure you park it in the shade or even wiping down any potential stains before they set can help prolong the life of your wrap, but those measures alone can't keep it looking new forever. Finding someone who can replace your vehicle wrap in a cost effective and timely way while also providing the eye-catching designs you want will make the experience addicting but also exciting and unique.

If you're using a commercial vehicle wrap, keeping it up-to-date with information, design, and even the latest trends in your industry is important. One of the most important reasons to change your commercial vehicle wrap is when your business information has changed, whether in the title or even basic information such as phone numbers or location changes.

For example, if you need to move your business to Dallas, Texas, you could find our local vehicle wraps in Dallas, Texas. Providing custom vehicle wraps for your business or even a fleet gives your business a marketing strategy wherever you go building a client base that you might only sometimes reach.

This mobile marketing strategy gives you more freedom to advertise than stationary marketing, limiting your customer base while costing more than they are worth. Custom vehicle wraps for your commercial vehicles have been proven effective marketing because they are affordable and easily applied so that your vehicles can be back out on the road in no time.

When designing the wraps, including not only business information but graphics and images that can display your business will help identify your company to potential customers and leave an impression while on the go.

Changing your vehicle's style to keep up with your mood, fashion, or even your budget can be a fun way to put your flair on your vehicle while not committing to a costly custom paint job.

Unique Vehicle Wraps

Comparing a unique vinyl wrap versus how much it costs to paint a car may be in your best interest if you want an eccentric custom design that stands out in any city. Collaborating with artists on designs can prove exciting and highly personal, giving your vehicle a one-of-a-kind look that comes right from your artistry. One of the latest trends is color changing vehicle wraps or color-shifting wraps!

You can have a multi-colored, chrome shift car that will display and shine in different colors depending on where you stand compared to the car. Imagine driving down the road while the sun hits it, and all the duo chrome colors are on full display. Unlike typical paint jobs, these color-changing wraps can let you change the look of your ride while protecting the original paint underneath from weather or scratches.

Don't settle for a standard factory color when you can have your car wrapped in color-changing, matte, glossy, or even a unique design made for you. Check out our vehicle wrap videos to see how we can transform your car's appearance together.

Proper Care For Your Vehicle Wrap

When driving a vehicle with a vinyl wrap, we want to care for it, so it lasts, but the most common signs of damage are from fading. Parking your car in the sun, or even just living in a hot climate, will affect the life of your car wrap, but mostly fading comes from daily driving.

You can't avoid driving your car in the direct sun, especially if it's a commercial vehicle, or worse, you also have a long commute to work. The most negative impact of a faded commercial wrap is that your business information needs to be easier to read.

A wrap for your business should be bold, easily read, and very clear, not only what your business is but, even more importantly, how to contact you so that you generate business from it. If any fading should appear in your marketing, you should look into replacing or repairing the affected areas.

Another common sign to look for is if your vehicle wrap is peeling. Any impacts to the wrap or dirt building up around it can cause peeling. The most common way wraps start peeling is from the improper washing of your car.

Even using the wrong type of soap (beware dish soap!) can cause the vinyl to strip and damage any protective films on the top of the wrap. It would be best if you didn't use high-pressure washing or even abrasive sponges to clean your vehicle.

Using an automotive soft cloth or sponge, certain soaps, rinsing with clean water at the end, and then drying it properly are all highly recommended to clean your wrapped car while preventing tears. While it appears to be a lot of maintenance, peeling in your vehicle wrap can quickly go from a small tear to a severe rip!

Sticking with recommended cleaning techniques for your wrap will prevent tearing and stains but also keep you from replacing the wrap fully and sticking to minor repairs if needed.

So whether you want to change your vehicle to a custom color or even add a unique design to stand out in a crowd, taking care of your custom vehicle is essential.

Building your business by working with our design team to wrap your car or your company's fleet, we can provide the guidance and repairs to keep you leaving a lasting impression for all your new customers and clients.


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