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Fleet Wraps and Branding

As a company responsible for managing a fleet of cars, you have a fantastic opportunity to brand and help others identify your company every time one of your employees or drivers hits the road.

Here are the most notable ways Customized fleet wraps benefit your company:

Branding - Full or partial fleet vehicle wraps provide a cost-effective way to brand and display your company information, whether your fleet vehicles are parked or getting driven. Vehicle wraps offer a way to make your fleet vehicles look as elaborate, colorful, or businesslike as you'd like. Essential components could include your logo, company catchphrase or slogan, contact information, or social media links.

Company Identification - Service providers, particularly those who visit or make home calls, can establish more trust with a branded fleet wrap. This customized wrap helps customers or potential clients recognize that your representative has arrived at their residence. If you're concerned about your vehicles getting operated safely, you might also consider adding a number for other motorists to report any unsafe operations.

Protects Your Fleet Vehicles - Another notable benefit of applying a full or partial vehicle wrap is it creates a durable barrier to protect against damages such as paint fading, paint dings, and chips. For fleet managers who are leasing vehicles, this investment is one that can potentially save thousands of dollars when the lease term ends.

Increase Brand Awareness - Whether your company serves a small, local community, or you drive great distances, utilizing a custom vehicle wrap can help to make each trip you make a potential profit center. Eyecatching and attractive vinyl car wraps draw attention, working as a traveling billboard.

If you own, purchased, or financed your fleet vehicles outright, applying a branded vehicle wrap helps preserve the exterior of your trucks and cars. With this layer of customized vinyl, damages to your paint job from the elements, small road hazards such as flying debris, and paint dings from parking lot incidents get minimized or avoided. Another advantage for Texas business owners who choose to invest in vehicle wraps for their company cars is the tax deduction. Both business vehicles and any advertising placed on them qualify for tax breaks.

Strong Branding Made Simple

For the best possible outcome, choosing a professional fleet wrap installer such as Wrap Garage to complete the project is smart.

Experienced and talented designers help craft the perfect branding elements and vehicle wrap design, whether you're driving compact cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, runabouts, or even big rigs!

For more information on fleet wrap installation and design services, please contact the Wrap Garage professionals to discuss your project needs. We're here to help cover your fleet with customized wraps designed especially for you.


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