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Color Your Wrap, Color Your Consumers’ Decisions

A billboard on wheels — that is the top benefit businesses receive when they invest in vehicle wraps.

Custom vinyl car wraps offer a different kind of marketing that reaches more audiences. While normal cars automatically blend into the background, wrapped vehicles stand out. These allow brands to directly advertise to their target marketing without waiting for the latter to see the ad. The more you drive the car, the more customers will become familiar with the brand.

The abundance of marketing benefits that come with wraps is enough to convince today’s business owner (aka you) to invest in them as well. But where do you start? What are your considerations?

We recommend starting with color.

While there are no set rules when it comes to choosing the right colors for your custom car wrap, understanding color psychology will help you decide on a good color scheme.

Colors’ Role in Branding

The color of a wrap may seem like a minor factor, but science reveals its massive impact on your choice of vehicle wrap and overall marketing strategies.

A study entitled Impact of Color Marketing showed that colors affect 62 to 90 percent of a consumer’s snap judgments. Other studies also explored the relationship between branding and color. The Interactive Effects of Colors reported the importance of colors “fitting” the brand’s products and services. Another journal article added that the human brain prefers immediately recognizable branding, which makes color a vital element in building brand identity.

Wrap Colors: Which is Which?

Which colors should you choose for your custom vehicle wrap? Here are some popular shades and what they invoke on the target market:

  • Red. The ideal color for exuding passion and excitement, red is also perfect for businesses pursuing a more modern or youthful appearance. This fiery shade also works for brands that deal with food since studies show this shade encourages appetite.

  • Blue. This calm shade promotes productivity and establishes a sense of security. Brands who wish to promote trust often use this color.

  • White. For a fresh and economical-looking brand, white’s neutral appearance will work wonders.

  • Black. Businesses after a classic and sophisticated look can evoke luxury with black-colored custom wraps as they go hand in hand with little black dresses and black-tie events.

  • Purple. This lighter shade of violet offers a wise and cutting-edge appearance with a touch of femininity.

  • Green. The color’s strong cultural associations make it perfect for businesses that deal with finance or the environment.

Colors that Reflect Business Goals

Remember: go for shades that reflect your business’ goals; your personal preferences have no place when choosing your company wrap’s color scheme. Start by building your brand, studying your target audience, and analyzing the competition. It sounds tedious, but the results will point you to the right color scheme, as well as improve your marketing strategies.

If you still need help selecting wrap colors or are interested in vehicle wrapping, contact Rockwall Wraps today by calling us at 469-208-9714 or filling out our online form.


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