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Make a Statement With Custom Wall Wraps

One of the most fun and creative printing services available today is vinyl wraps and wall murals. Economical, attractive, and add a unique flair to your offices, home, or storefront.

What Are Wall Wraps? You might describe wall wraps as an oversized sticker that adheres to the wall. Effective at uplifting your workspace from drab to fab, these products are customizable for whatever your need might be. Often manufactured on vinyl, wall murals may also use other materials to accommodate factors such as exposure to direct sunlight and the surface texture of the area where they're getting installed. Customized To Meet Your Needs Wall wraps are available in premade or customized configurations. Custom wall vinyl gives you the chance to create a wall mural that fits your space perfectly. Unlike premade maps, a custom wrap ensures you don't have to deal with awkward empty areas not covered by premade wraps. One of the other most notable advantages of a custom wrap is you can get it designed to align with your organizational messaging. For instance, vinyl decals created with your business name, logo, and slogan are ideal for doors or windows throughout your establishment. Create Your Ideal Environment Another common myth surrounding wall decals is that you can only feature your logo. While you can always add your logo in the design, you can use a wall wrap to create a full image to add ambiance to your environment. For instance, a spa owner might decide to incorporate a resort feel with a wall decal with beaches and palm trees. Wall decals liven up empty or plain walls that create an uninspiring workplace. Luckily, these blank walls provide a medium for you to decorate as you want without physically altering or damaging the existing structure. Wall decals are non-permanent, so they are easy to remove when you need to take them down, which can help avoid fees or penalties upon moving out. In retail settings, wall wraps work perfectly as temporary wall decorations. With proper care, an investment in seasonal, promotional, and sales wall decals can last for years and provide your windows, walls, or door with eye-catching appeal. For people working from home or creating virtual classrooms for their children during the COVID-19 crisis, wall wraps offer a viable solution to reimagining your space. Instead of settling for work or educational space that doesn't help you learn, grow, and be productive, wall wraps allow you to create whatever backdrop you want. Rockwall Texas Wall Wrapping Services Whether you want to reimagine your personal space, retail, or commercial property, Wrap Garage is here to assist in all your vinyl and wall wrapping needs. Talk to one of our helpful team members to discuss your requirements.

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