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Fleet Vehicle Wrap Checklist

Branding is essential for any business, and a company that utilizes a fleet of vehicles has the opportunity to exploit this marketing strategy. Every day your team drives across town servicing customers. Wrapping your fleet allows for unique market exposure. Your brand becomes mobile, unlike a stationary billboard advertisement or snippet in a magazine.

Basic Guide to Wrapping Your Fleet Vehicles If you are thinking about wrapping your company fleet, then here is a checklist of a few things to consider.

  • Condition of Fleet Vehicles

  • Driver Experience

  • Consistent Branding

  • Wrap Maintenance

For any fleet, regardless if they are wrapped or not, the condition of your vehicles is the top priority. When wrapping your vehicle, you are displaying your brand to the community. Don't hire drivers that will fail to follow basic traffic laws. If one of your drivers is speeding through town, it is your name people are going to see. Keeping your fleets branding consistent is crucial. The concept of branding is to create a lasting image to potential customers so they'll remember you when they need your services. Vehicles with different types of wrap designs can create brand confusion. Choosing a professional vehicle wrap installer will ensure you keep a cohesive brand. Make a Statement With a vehicle wrap, you have to get critical information to a potential customer as quickly as possible. Keep your wrap bold but straightforward, present the most vital information large and easy to read—clearly displayed logo, phone number, and or website address. Don't clutter your design with too much information; the customer becomes overloaded and forgets everything essential. Professional Car Wraps in Dallas, Texas and Surrounding Areas When you choose Wrap Garage as your car wrap installer in Dallas, Texas, you can guarantee a team that is experienced with designs installed across the country. Not only do we service a vast clientele throughout the metroplex, but we have also installed for tons of worldwide brands like Viceland, Cricket Wireless, AT&T, and more. Put your company's brand in the hands of a professional marketing company. Wrap Garage will deploy a team of vehicle wrap experts dedicated to your fleet. For more information, give them a call today and learn more about how fleet wraps can improve your branding efforts.

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