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Vehicle Wrap Spring Cleaning Guide

After months of dreary weather, the first thing many people like to do is wash their vehicles to remove dirt, salt, and other debris from the exterior of the car. For vehicle owners who have a vehicle wrap, your spring car cleanup process looks a little different than for cars without a wrap.

Luckily, the cleaning process is still straightforward. However, to avoid potential damages to your car wraps, hand-washing your vehicle with mild soap and clean water is highly recommended. If you're unsure of which soaps are best for your car wraps, speak with an experienced installer for guidance and advice. Generally, the gentler you are with your wrapped vehicle during the cleaning process, the less likely you are to cause damage. Partially covered cars are more vulnerable to damages than fully-wrapped vehicles. To keep your vehicle looking fresh and intact, avoid the following:

  • Automatic brushes at car washes

  • Pressure or power washing

Since all of these methods use high-pressure or harsh contact with the protective film, there is a higher chance of damaging the surface. Examine The Current Condition Of The Vehicle Wrap - With the spring sunshine, it's a great time to examine your wrap for damages. By detecting these issues early on, you can take steps to make needed repairs. Common issues you might experience include:

  • Cracks

  • Scratches

  • Wrap Content

  • Lifted Edges

  • Fading

As a business owner, you've already made a significant investment in your company cars, so ensuring that your custom wrapped vehicles look their best is a worthwhile expenditure. Vinyl wraps are useful for protecting the original paint on vehicles, in the case of leased corporate cars or fleets, they help to protect from chargeable damages during your possession. Further, they offer a flat-rate way to advertise your company whenever you or your agents are on the road. You'll also want to review your vinyl wrap to verify any contact or other information is correct. If something has changed, getting it corrected should be top of mind. Providing the wrong number on such an essential piece of marketing could lose you more business than you know. After you've thoroughly inspected your vehicle wrap for any damages or incorrect information, you can drive with more confidence knowing that your brand is getting out in front of all the right people.

Time For A New Or Retouched Vinyl Wrap

If you are searching for an innovative way to protect your cars, or you need to refresh your existing vehicle wrap, call the experts at Wrap Garage to discuss your ideas. Our experienced creative vinyl wrap installation team is available to assist with all aspects of your car wrap project in Rockwall, Texas. Get in contact with us today!

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