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Vehicle Wrap Do's and Don't's

A wrap is a digitally-printed wide-format “sticker/graphic” with all the lettering, logos, and pictures that have been custom designed to your exact specifications and approved ideas. The wrap is carefully created and is applied methodically to the exterior of a vehicle and gives the effect that the car came off the assembly line with a custom paint job A 3M-trained installation team of craftsmen applies the pressure-sensitive wrap directly to the vehicle. They use heat and squeegees to mold it around the contours of the body. Vehicle Wrap Do's * Realize that a wrap is the single most effective way of advertising your brand and message and acts like a mobile billboard that gives your company unmatched advertising potential and recognition of your brand image. It provides an advertising tool that displays your brand everywhere it goes. Adding custom images and graphics that are relevant to your particular business makes your advertising campaign much more memorable in the eyes of the beholders. * If your business does not have its own logo already, one can be custom designed that meets the needs of the company entirely. The team can work diligently to help you in the creation of a logo design that will speak volumes without saying a word and become extremely useful branding. * You will see many big box retailers, medium-sized companies, and even start-ups fully wrap their trucks, trailers, and cars because this type of advertising works and brings an excellent return on investment. * The concept of business fleet wraps go to another level by making your name unforgettable and help build brand image and equity. In marketing, this visual template can be the catalyst of your business. * The vehicle stands out from the crowd and quickly spreads the word about your business and services to possible new customers and is a reminder to current customers that they should order from you again. Vehicle Wrap Don't's * You don't have to worry about vehicle wraps ruining the manufacturer's paint job. Most lease companies prefer the full vehicle wrapping as quickly as possible because it protects the paint job from pebbles, scratches, and harmful UV rays. The wrap can be carefully removed although it is recommended that the work be done by one of the company's professionals. Wrap Garage is an outstanding vehicle wrap design, production, and installation facility in Rockwall, Texas, formerly known as Rockwall Wraps, that specializes in vehicle wraps for vans, trucks, trailers, autos, boats, and more. We are proud to be the best at what we do when making and installing the highest quality and most creative and unique designs in the East Dallas and Rockwall areas. To answer any of your questions and get more information, contact Wrap Garage and learn how we can help bring your business to life as it gets to be more well known due to repetitive viewing by the public of the services you have to offer.

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