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Protect Your Vehicle With a Vinyl Wrap

​Vinyl films cover the car and protect it from harm. Learn how your vehicle remains protected. Bird and Bug Droppings The world is full of obstacles, and that fact includes the tiny things in life. Bugs crashing into your vehicle and birds dropping feces are commonplace for any car. Leaving these remains on your paint job, however, creates problems. The residue is highly acidic, which eats away at your paint. Try a vinyl wrap on the car. The bugs and bird droppings aren't an issue. They can be washed away from the film without harming your paint. Door Dings Driving your car around town makes it vulnerable to small imperfections. Adding a wrap to the car creates a barrier to minor strikes. If you ever take the wrap off of the vehicle, those dings will go along with it. The paint remains protected for as long as the wrap stays on the vehicle. Swapping out the wrap is much easier than replicating a new paint job. Life's Little Moments People who write on your car when it's dirty or cover it with toilet paper during a prank are creating paint-job problems. A wrap keeps dust and sweat away from the paint. Over time, both of these substances will make a negative impact on your paint.

Hail Protection Large hail will always damage a car. There's no way around truly hazardous weather. However, car wraps can fight off damage from small hail. The icy granules strike the wrap and leave a mark. The paint and metal below won't be subjected to damage. If you live in an area that has frequent hail, a wrap is a smart investment. Your paint job will always look spectacular as a result of your diligence. Gasoline Drips As you gas up your vehicle, the nozzle has several safety mechanisms inherent to it. They prevent gasoline from dripping or spraying outside of the vehicle. However, one or two drips of gasoline might fall from the nozzle and onto your paint. Leave the gas on the car, and it will eat away at the color. A wrap won't react to the gas. The fluid will dry off and vanish away.

For all of your vehicle wrap questions, visit Wrap Garage. Our professionals will evaluate your car and suggest just the right wrap. A 10-year-old car can look brand new once again with a professionally applied wrap from our Texas facility.

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