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Vehicle Wraps: Creating a Moving Business Billboard

Custom car graphics make vehicles stand out. Out of all the methods to apply these graphics, vehicle wraps — a marketing strategy that involves painting over a vehicle’s outer surface — is preferred as it turns plain cars into an eye-catching, mobile billboard.

The process isn’t as simple as peeling off a sheet and sticking it onto your vehicle, though. Achieving a picture-perfect car wrap requires knowledge and experience in material selection, car wrap design and production, installation, and more.

Rockwall Wraps has been providing businesses in Dallas with custom car wraps to expand their reach and uniquely appeal to customers. We know our process by heart and take pride in sharing the process of creating our attractive and colorful car wraps:

Planning and Preparation

Before we create a custom wrap for your vehicle, it’s essential to have a design and end-product in mind. We encourage an open discussion with our customers to learn more about their goals and needs. Together, we will explore the purpose of the car wrap — whether you want to preserve your original paint job or advertise your business.

Detailed and Accurate Designs

Achieving the right fit for your car wrap is difficult without the right tools. Every vehicle has its own curves, angles, and dimensions, so we use the latest car templates and design techniques to ensure your finished wrap fits your car perfectly. Our team is ready to take on various quirky and detailed designs without the risk of image or message distortion.

Choosing the Right Style

We apply vehicle wraps in two ways:

  • Full wrap – As the term suggests, a full wrap covers your entire vehicle. This gives you the opportunity to create a powerful statement from hood to rear.

  • Partial wrap – This covers only a portion of your vehicle. Companies that opt for this style usually only display their logo and contact details. Our team will help you create a balance between the wrap and your original paint job.

High-Quality Materials

Even a creative design can’t make up for the use of poor quality materials. So, never skimp on the costs of your vehicle wrap material. 3M, Aracal, Arlon, and Avery are trusted brands, providing excellent adhesion. They can also withstand the wear-and-tear of everyday use.

Cast film is a great choice for full wraps because it smooths over a car’s forms and curves. It also offers an appealing, paint-like finish. Calendered films, on the other hand, are the practical option for car owners who want to cover simple curved and flat surfaces at an affordable price.

A Thorough Installation Process

Vehicle wrap installation requires a steady, skilled hand. Our team has been doing the process for several years; count on us to use the proper tools to tuck and trim the wrap flawlessly around your vehicle. We start by preparing your vehicle and examining whether the fenders and trims of your vehicle are waxed and clean. After ensuring it is free of dirt and debris, we plan the application of the wrap on each panel.

The finished product: a car that doubles as an eye-catching, on-the-road billboard.

Rockwall Wraps applies vehicle wraps to help businesses boost their marketing efforts. For more than a decade, we have been transforming ordinary vehicles into attractive, moving ads for their business. Contact us today to learn more.


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