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What Do Vehicle Wraps Have to Do With Food Trucks?

Gone are the days when food trucks just sold cheap coffee and sandwiches to workers in need of a quick appetite fixer. Today, these businesses on wheels feature one-of-a-kind offerings—from artisanal ice cream to gourmet, gluten-free burgers. As a result, more people flock to food trucks for that Instagram-worthy and delicious treat.

As a food truck owner, the growing demand is good news. But how can you benefit from the surge of customers when you’re not the only one in the market?

While the food should be your unique selling point, good marketing is also essential. Fortunately, you need not break the bank to get the word out about your business.

Eye-catching vehicle wraps for your Austin, Texas business may do the trick.

Here’s how you can make the design work for your business:

Custom Design

First, determine your difference from the competition. The large number of food trucks means you’re not the only one serving unique food. Study your menu and highlight a distinct ingredient or the vessel used to serve your food.

For example, if your business uses coconut shells instead of plates, ask your designer to add images or drawings of coconuts on your custom design.

Beliefs: Loud and Proud

Tagline's are attention-grabbers, especially if it’s witty, funny, or compelling. If you do not have a tagline yet, start with your business’s core beliefs. With your graphic designer, understand the food truck’s identity or why you started the business in the first place. This will help you decide on the specific graphics, which represents the truck’s overall vibe.

Simplicity Still Works

While loud and vibrant designs are attractive, there is still power in staying simple. A minimalistic design speaks volumes about your confidence: you don’t need wild designs to prove that your food is delicious. It should be easy on the eyes and compelling enough to appeal to diners.

Eye-catching vehicle wrap designs can attract customers entering the food park from afar. With a good design, you can persuade potential customers to try your delicious menu. Rockwall Wraps can create vehicles wraps that will get your food truck noticed. Call us today and find out how we can help you.


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