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The Importance Of Fleet Wraps

As a business owner, it's important not to leave any stone uncovered as it applies to marketing your company. If you're searching for an affordable and reliable way to promote your brand, then fleet wraps are the perfect solution.

Fleet wraps get applied to vehicles to create a lasting impression on potential customers. The wraps can advertise various products and services but are particularly effective for companies that often have employees on the road.

Here, we'll answer some of the most frequently asked questions about vehicle fleet wraps.

Is A Vehicle Wrap Worth The Investment?

Whether it's worth the investment is dependent on your objectives. For example, you may be looking at vehicle wraps because you need a quick fix to increase sales or generate leads. In this case, a fleet wrap is a great option. It turns your fleet of cars into moving advertisements.

Does Applying Vehicle Wrap Cause Paint Damage?

No. Applying a vehicle wrap does not cause paint damage. Once adhered to your vehicle, it serves as a protective barrier that helps prevent paint chips, fading, and other issues from occurring. A vehicle wrap is a smart move for company owners who lease or want to retain value in their cars.

Is There A Size Limit On Vehicle Wraps?

No. Company owners who manage larger fleet vehicles like work vans, trucks, trailers, or runabouts will benefit from having custom-sized car wraps explicitly made for them. Customized wraps ensure that they receive maximum exposure.

Are Partial Vehicle Wraps Available?

Yes! Partial vehicle wraps are another option to consider. Partial vehicle wraps are flexible and allow you to customize a portion of your car with professional graphics. In addition, partial vehicle wraps enable business owners to utilize certain areas of their vehicle instead of doing a complete vehicle wrap.

Do Wrapped Vehicles Require Special Care?

Another legitimate concern fleet owners might have whether their cars and trucks require special care while wrapped. Generally, it's best to limit sun exposure and use a mild soap when washing the vehicle to maintain the integrity of the vehicle wrap. Avoid automatic car washes, as the brushes and harsh chemicals, could damage the vinyl.

Are There Tax Benefits For Vehicle Wraps?

If your company and employees are constantly moving, adding a fleet wrap to company cars could bring tax benefits or incentives. For more information and complete details, please talk to your tax professional.

Are You Ready To Wrap Your Company Fleet Cars?

Are you convinced a vehicle wrap is right for you? If so, Wrap Garage strives to help companies and organizations of all sizes with their fleet wrap projects. So please don't wait to contact us to discuss how our team can assist you today.


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