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How Do Vehicle Wraps Benefit Your Business?

In busy cities like Dallas, Texas, car wraps are an effective way to advertise your business. Vehicle wraps have seen a surge in popularity over the past few years, due to the fact they are both efficient and persuasive forms of marketing. This medium of marketing is a high-impact yet easy enough way to extend the reach of your business and to create brand awareness. Here are a couple of good reasons you should consider using car wraps to advertise your business.

It’s a Mobile Billboard for Your Business

One of the first things a vehicle wrap does is to advertise your business – and to a large audience, at that. An attention-getting, striking wrap design and a calculated route across busy thoroughfares can generate high exposure for minimal costs.

The Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) considers vehicle wraps as one of the lowest cost-per-impression types of advertising available to small companies. On average, a business that uses a car with eye-catching vehicle wraps can generate up to 70,000 impressions per day.

Vehicle wraps can be used either as a long-term advertisement or as a short-term promotion for specific products or special events. Because you control the design and where the vehicle will be passing, this allows you to create a strategic marketing campaign across your city.

Given that, cars with vehicle wraps don’t necessarily need to be driven around to create an impression. Parked cars with your business’ design can still make a big impression on passersby and on motorists on board other vehicles. This means that your vehicle can now function as both static and mobile advertisement, effectively creating a marketing campaign that can target specific locales and other high-traffic areas of your choosing.

High ROI

Vehicle wraps as advertisements enjoy high ROI primarily because they can draw customers to your business for a minimal amount of capital and effort. While there is no average ROI for vehicle wraps, many analysts consider vehicle wraps as a cost-efficient marketing campaign if pulled off correctly.

To maximize your vehicle wraps, take these points into consideration:


Create an eye-catching design that prominently features both your business name and contact details. Keep your design consistent with your current branding, as this allows for larger exposure and better brand awareness.


While traffic is a nuisance to most drivers, it’s a blessing for your mobile billboard. Plan routes through roads with heavy congestion. Because Americans are now spending more time stuck in traffic, this means that a car with a vehicle wrap can imprint more on potential clients if they’re looking at it while in traffic.

ROI measurement

Keeping track of your vehicle wrap’s ROI can be difficult, but there are ways to gather some data. Printing out a special phone number or website on your vehicle wrap can be effective in measuring your returns. Larger companies couple the special phone number/website technique with GPS data, to get more detailed information about effective routes.

Vehicle wraps are versatile marketing tools that can greatly benefit your business. Rockwall Signs and Wraps offers high-quality vehicle wraps that are produced by our in-house team of design and printing experts. To learn more about our services, contact us today.


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