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Vinyl Wraps Aren't Just For Cars

When most people think of vinyl wraps, they think that the only application for these wraps is for car designs. It's easy to see why. Most vinyl wraps are used for advertisements, promotions, and general commercial information on various vehicles. You'll be surprised to know that vinyl wraps are more versatile than you think. Here are some other ways that they can be used.

1. Large Wall Graphics

If you want to design your office or decorate a venue with your brand image, message, and story, using vinyl wraps as wall graphics is the perfect use case. You can help your office or location stand out with a great design. It's great if you regularly attend trade shows and want to create the right kind of atmosphere and presentation for your space.

2. Kiosks

Are you selling in kiosks located in venues, malls, or other locations? Using custom-designed and shaped vinyl wraps are perfect for helping your kiosk stand out. Many kiosks tend to focus on simple signs to get the attention of people passing by. A unique vinyl wrap can give you the extra edge you need to check out the products and services you're selling through your kiosks.

3. Custom Products

Vinyl wraps can also be used for custom products that you're applying for your promotions. For example, a water cooler is an example of a product that can benefit from your vinyl wrap. You're giving away these products or adding it as a bonus anyway. Why not get some marketing value out of them by adding vinyl wraps that help promote your business?

4. Trailers and Cargo

You've probably seen vinyl wraps used for large trailers meant to be hauled by sixteen wheelers. But the wraps can also be used for smaller trailers and cargo. Vinyl wraps can be used for work trailers, small boats, campers, and more. If your goal is to use wraps to promote your business, why not extend the wraps beyond just your car?

5. Furniture

Yes, vinyl wraps can be applied to large furniture like reception desks and conference desks. It's a great way to brand your business in spaces where potential clients may be found. Again, these wraps are customizable. You can ask for designs that fit various types of surface areas.

If you're looking for help getting a wrap designed and installed, you can rely on Wrap Garage. We specialize in vinyl wraps and can come up with a wrap designed to impress and grab attention.

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