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Tips For Wrapping Your Mobile Food Truck

A well-designed food truck vehicle wrap can turn your truck into a mobile marketing machine. As you’re driving to your next location, sitting at a red light, or parked and serving customers, vinyl wraps can act as a powerful advertising tool. Wrap Garage, based in Dallas, will create a custom graphic design for your food truck that will make a great impression. Let them handle the entire wrapping process, and you’ll get the highest quality services and results. Here are four tips to keep in mind when designing your food truck wrap. 1. Know Your Brand To get the most out of your food truck wrap, you need to understand your brand and why you chose it in the first place. Your brand identity should be the primary message when you and your designer create your vehicle wrap. You know what makes your mobile food business unique, and what sets your food truck apart from the competition. The brand is your message, and a quality, effective truck wrap will showcase this message to potential customers. 2. Collaborate with Your Designer Working with an experienced designer is vital to ensure that your truck wrap will be as impactful as possible. When meeting with a designer, take time to help your designer fully understand your brand and the message you want to convey. Your passion for your business will help the designer transform your ideas into a wrap that will be a successful marketing tool. There are specific aspects to design, such as the use of negative space and color schemes, that a professional will understand. If your food is photogenic, you may want to showcase an image of it right on the truck. A good designer can help with this decision. 3. Keep it Simple and Eye-Catching Remember that most people that see your truck wrap will only view it for a few seconds as you drive by, or before turning their attention elsewhere. Use those few precious seconds to make a big impression. Too much information on a wrap will be visually distracting and probably detract from the overall message you’re trying to send. A better approach is to keep the design of the wrap simple, but powerful. A well-designed wrap will let your brand identity stand out, and make it easy for a viewer to ascertain your message quickly. 4. Do Sweat the Details A food truck wrap shouldn't be too visually complicated, but that doesn't mean details can be ignored. Ensure that your social media presence is reflected on the truck in an easily viewable space. Another tip is to think about how the truck will look when the large, side service window is open. Don’t cut off any important messaging by placing it over the window. Lastly, don’t forget about the roof. The roof is an advertising space not to be neglected, especially in urban areas where people may be looking down at your truck from the buildings above.

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