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Are vehicle wraps effective?

Whether you are a business or you own a vehicle you want to customize. Of the options available to customize the appearance of a vehicle, vinyl wraps offer the highest level of flexibility for the price. They are more economical than a custom paint job and provide much greater design options. They also offer surprising durability while protecting the vehicle paint beneath them. Visibility There isn't much in the way of variety in the appearance of modern vehicles, so anything different will stand out in traffic. A business logo with a phone number on a car will be remembered later whereas just a factory paint job will disappear in the sea of vehicles. The average driver, according to the Federal Highway Administration, travels about 15,000 miles per year with an estimated 9 million other vehicles in sight as they drive. Grabbing their eyes for even a glace takes having a look that is unique and memorable. This is where a vehicle wrap can perform for a business or to show off your hot rod as you cruise by attention grabber. This is especially true for home service companies who drive constantly throughout the same local service area. Rob, owner of Cut N Edge Lawn, relies on his truck wraps to be seen throughout neighborhoods for his local lawn service Rockwall, TX business.

Customizable The human brain is excellent at noticing things that are different when viewing a large group. The ripest apple on a tree, the brightest star in the night sky, and the one van with the cool logo all stand out quickly for us. This is why having a custom look on your vehicle is great for advertising. Any graphic that you can design can be printed and applied to the surface of a vehicle with 3M MCS vinyl vehicle wraps. Eye-catching designs and patterns along with a logos and text are all available. The equipment, inks, and training are all certified by 3M, the leader in premium vinyl wraps for over 30 years. Durability The exteriors of vehicles take brutal punishment out in the world. Hot sun with damaging UV rays, dust, small rocks kicked up by other vehicles, driving rain, and even hail can easily damage the surface of a car. Even in these extreme conditions, vinyl vehicle wraps have been proven to last up to 10 years when applied and cared for correctly. The 3M MCS wraps are covered with a 4-5 year warranty against cracks, fading, and peeling. That means your wrapped vehicle will look just as good after five years as it did the day the vinyl was applied. A wrap for your vehicle is the perfect choice if you want to customize its look or get some low-cost advertising for your business. The wraps from Wrap Garage are highly durable and can handle the worst Mother Nature can throw at it. Make your vehicle stand out from the crowd today.

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