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Tips on How to Properly Care for Your Vehicle Wrap

Getting your vehicle wrapped can be an excellent tool for mobile advertising especially if you own a local service company. It is vital to understand the proper methods of caring for your wrap to get the most extended lifespan possible.

Washing Your Vehicle

Frequent washes are the best way to keep your wrap clean and free from grime and other debris. Although the wrap is made of a vinyl material that stands up well to the elements, keeping it clean can prevent scratches and stains that can be harder to remove later.

Hand washing or an automated brushless car wash is the preferred methods for cleaning the vehicle. You risk scratching the vinyl when at an automatic car wash that utilizes heavy brushes. If your vehicle is heavily soiled start your wash with a pre-rinse soak using only clean water; once the dirt and grime have been loosened up, you can now use soap and a soft cloth to clean your vehicle finishing with a full rinse.

On-Going Maintenance

Where you park the vehicle is also essential, prolonged exposure to UV rays can overtime fade the wrap design. This doesn't mean your wrap is going to disappear quickly just from the average use of the vehicle, but when you park the vehicle for an extended period, it is best to find an area like a garage or carport to store it.​

Also, keep in mind when fueling to immediately clean up any spills that may get on the wrap. Use a paper towel or soft cloth to wipe the spill up but make sure to wash it with soap and water later.

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