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Making the Most of Vehicle Wraps for Advertising

If you’re a small business owner, there isn't an easier way to advertise than vehicle wraps. If you have a company car or are willing to lend your personal vehicle for your business, then you can promote as soon as tomorrow. It’s the kind of advertisement that won’t confuse you or force you to learn a new system; no technology, no gadgets, just a mere exposure through your vehicle wraps.

Our vehicle wraps at Rockwall Wraps are of high quality, and we can reproduce all kinds of designs you have in mind. They are also more affordable than painting custom decals on the car. But you wouldn’t be able to apply its primary advertising efficiency if you don’t have a strategy. To make the most out of your ad campaign, however, you have to have an approach. Like in all kinds of marketing, there is a right way to gain maximum exposure.


Your brand should be in the design, as expected. But there’s no easy answer to what good design is and what’s not. It will depend on the final draft, which is why you should run through a few sketches before deciding on the final design. You should be precise about the colors, and make sure nothing clashes.

It would also be wise to include a bold message and contact numbers. But remember that there should be a balanced ratio between the design and the text.


At the right time, you can make an impression to hundreds or thousands of people. You should pick out your target areas and the right hour of the day. Choose when certain streets are most crowded, or when it will be the busiest. There’s no better way to promote your business than showing it to a big crowd. It will grab their attention, and raise their curiosity toward your brand.

When billboards, directories and other forms of advertising don’t comply with what you need, turn to Rockwall Wraps. Our way is straightforward and efficient. Contact us today!

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