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3 Creative Ways to Improve Productivity in the Office Today

Running a business can be difficult, but it can also be a lot of fun if you have the right staff. Obviously, you want your employees doing great work, but you also want to make sure they're happy. If you are careful, creative, and have the right staff on board, you'll be able to combine the happiness and creativity of your employees with the actual productivity needed to succeed as an organization.

Here are a few creative ways to improve your office productivity.

Let Your Employees Enjoy Office Artwork Having office artwork is easy to do and yields tremendous productivity benefits. One study found that people working in office spaces that are decorated with plants and office artwork were actually 17% more productive than those working in lean spaces. Your employees probably won't even realize how much better they feel working in an office with creative business wall art. Additional studies have shown not only will these office wall murals improve overall productivity, but office wall art actually reduces stress as well.

Let Your Employees Work On Their Own Projects If you allow your employees to spend a few minutes each day working on a project that isn't directly related to their job, they will actually be much better workers throughout the rest of the day and week. By working on things that they're passionate about, their creative and productive muscles will be getting such a great workout, they'll carry that momentum over to their everyday duties that are part of their actual jobs. Everyone has ideas and things they want to work on outside of work, but people are often too tired at the end of the day or too busty on the weekends to actually put any time or effort into these projects. Your employees will be extremely grateful to you for letting them work on their own projects and you'll soon see an increase in productivity.

Let Your Employees Have Fun! It's important to let your employees have fun during the day so they aren't overwhelmed by the stresses of the job. Encourage them to get up and play games with the rest of the team to build relationships and strengthen company morale. Obviously they still have to get their work done in between all the fun, but if you have the right employees, they'll be able to loosen up each day and get right back to doing a great job at work.

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