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Custom Semi-Truck Wraps

If you like the idea of making a statement when you're behind the wheel of your big rig, there's no better way to do than with a custom semi-truck wrapping by Wrap Garage.

Truck wraps are ideal for protecting your trailer or fleet of semi-trucks from harsh elements and other dangers of driving on the freeway. If your truck is broke down and you need immediate assistance, then reach out to a mobile mechanic.

Safeguard Your Investment

Custom truck wraps are a creative, innovative, and affordable way to market and advertise your company and a way to safeguard the underlying vehicle's metal and original paint. Not Our skilled graphic artists at Wrap Garage help envision and create eye-catching vinyl wraps that put your company vehicles in the best possible light. We use only the highest quality materials and a glossy UV-protected lamination to prevent fading and other UV-related damages from the sun.

Vinyl semi-truck wrapping not only helps stop sun damage, but it can also prevent scratches and scrapes to the original paint. For owners and operators who lease or rent their vehicles, this strategic business move can help avoid fees when the lease or the rental term expires.

Since the original paint job remains untouched and protected under a protective film, you have fewer worries about scratches, scrapes, and other minimal damages that often happen while you're out on the road.

Lively and inventive designs make traveling the roads more fun and enjoyable for you and other motorists.

Market Your Company Every Time You Drive

If you already have to be on the road, why not take advantage of the chance to market your business? Customized semi-truck wraps empower you to get your brand in front of your fellow motorists while making short and long hauls across town or the country.

Types of commercial trucks and vehicles we can wrap to your specification include:

In addition to larger commercial vehicles, Wrap Garage is available for custom wrapping fleets of commercially used cars, vans, and trucks.

Wrap Garage Transforms The Ordinary

At Wrap Garage, we strive to create custom vinyl truck wraps that support your branding message and help you stand out in a world of competitors.

Our talented team of graphic designers can help bring your vision to life on the exterior of your large commercial vehicle. Or, if you're laboring to come up with inspiration for your trucks or fleet, we'll put our creative minds together to customize a solution that works for you.

If you're interested in learning more about custom truck wraps, please reach out to talk to a representative. We're happy to answer your questions, explore options, and give you an estimate for custom truck wrapping services for your semi-trucks and other fleet vehicles.

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