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Vehicle Wraps Plano, TX

Since 2007, Wrap Garage has specialized in custom vehicle wrap advertising for local businesses. We can turn your cars, trucks, and boats into a moving billboard for your business.  Our expert design team all have degrees in Advertising and Graphic Design from leading art institutions. They know how to brand your company in a unique way that will produce a high return.


For our vehicle wraps, we offer 720 dpi high-def printing. Our print designs are guaranteed to be pleasing and eye-catching.




Besides vehicle wraps, Wrap Garage can do wall murals that can tell the story of your company or just aid in advancing your brand. We also can create banners of all sizes and shape that can deliver your company's message in a multitude of ways. Our sign designs specialize in promoting business in a manner that will ring true with their customers.


We know how to help brand your company and set you apart from others in the marketplace. We can offer specialized business names, perfect logos, and high-quality design work.




The city of Plano Texas has a population of 269,000 and is the home to many corporate headquarters. All the services of Wrap Garage are available to the city's businesses. Using our vehicle wraps, wall murals, banners, and signs will make your company stand out in a crowd, and draw in much more customer traffic. We like to also offer local recommendations for other business in the area that can service you company or home. Whether you are looking for air conditioning repair, roofing, restoration, or a local Plano electrician, we would love to try and help. 


If you're willing to take the chance and try something a little different, Wrap Garage can give your business the boost it needs to maximize its profit potential. Contact us today for all of your vehicle wraps in Plano, Texas.

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