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3M Ceramic Coating Wrap

Preserve Your Vehicle With 3M Ceramic Coating

Many people think that their vehicle is well protected because they take it through the car wash to remove surface dirt and grime, but the surprising news is this cleaning ritual can be harmful to your vehicle!

Brushes and harsh chemicals found at a traditional car wash can cause paint swirls and scratches on the surface of your vehicle, leaving it vulnerable to corrosion and oxidation.

As it turns out, even your best intentions to keep your car or truck looking spotless can harm the appearance of your vehicle.

So, how can owners find a balance in keeping their ride spotless while protecting the paint and exterior?

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The answer is easy:
3M Ceramic Coating!

Wrapping your vehicle with 3M Ceramic Coating helps safeguard against UV damage, paint chips, and corrosion, so it does a lot more than making your vehicle look pretty; it affords exceptional protection to its surface for up to 5 years!​​

That's right - this is not some over-hyped marketing ploy by a manufacturer trying to get you to buy their product.

Instead, the 3M Ceramic Coating system is a genuinely effective protective coating engineered to protect your vehicle from rocks, bird droppings, industrial pollution, and UV rays.

The result is a durable shield against these harmful environmental factors that will keep your car looking fabulous.

Make Your Company Fleet Stand Out

Vehicle wraps are an exciting and eyecatching way to advertise and promote your company on cars and trucks of all types and sizes.

In addition to offering custom vehicle wrap design, Wrap Garage is excited to offer 3M Ceramic Car Coating. Wrap Garage can be your partner in giving your vehicle some extra protection and some added style with the 3M ceramic coating option.

What Are The Benefits Of 3M Ceramic Car Coating?


When you consider the average price for a new vehicle in the United States is approximately $30,000, you want to protect your investment as best as possible. The 3M ceramic coating not only makes the exterior of your vehicle shine and sparkle but will also help keep the paint fresh and protected.

Rely On Wrap Garage For Your 3M Ceramic Car Coating Needs


At Wrap Garage, we design and install vehicle wraps for companies of all sizes. So whether you have one car or a fleet of vehicles to advertise with vinyl wraps, our expert team at Wrap Garage is ready to meet your needs.


Our technology allows us to produce graphics constructed from premium cast vinyl films efficiently. In addition, our experience manufacturing custom vehicle wraps has given us the expertise to create eye-catching and highly efficient designs.

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Contact Wrap Garage now to discuss your vehicle wrap and 3M Ceramic Coating needs!

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