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Wrap Garage is among the top sign companies in Rockwall and Dallas TX. Businesses turn to us for their promotional and marketing needs.


Wrap Garage may very well be among the top sign companies for wall art in Dallas, TX and Rockwall, TX that businesses can turn to for their promotional and marketing needs.


A very well made sign can contribute to effectively branding a business. Good signs or custom jobs can also get across the personality of a particular business and truly make a connection with customers. Rockwall Wraps can create signs capable of delivering these results and more.


Whether the sign is designed to showcase the hours a business is open, special sales that are occurring, or simply to convey the name of the business, a unique and well made sign can truly create a positive impression on a potential customer. The better the impression, the more likely the person will go from a potential customer to an actual patron.


Generic, store bought signs are not going to be enough to deliver such results. A well made, original, artistic looking sign is going to present the best marketing related results. Original signs stand out and that is what any business is going to want in promotional signage.


Wrap Garage has it all when it comes to commercial sign companies. Having served the local Dallas area since 2007, Rockwall Wraps has established itself as a reliable provider of wraps, banners, displays, and, yes, high quality signs.


Call the office and start the process of having a great new sign made today.

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